E-Mon™ Energy Meters

First introduced in the early 1980’s, Honeywell’s E-Mon electric submeters have quickly grown to become the industry leader in sub metering hardware and software.

Why Submetering?

Submetering allows facility managers to track energy costs by area, department, tenant and an individual piece of equipment when used with a building management system (BMS). The information can be used for creating an overall energy-savings plan, allocating costs and more.

Energy Analysis

Gathering energy data to conduct load profiling and benchmarking to isolate causes of load peaks to help cut costs or use energy resources more efficiently.

Green Building Initiatives

Establishing energy usage benchmarks and trends in order to measure and verify the effectiveness of energy saving programs.

Tenant Billing

Allocation of energy usage costs to respective tenants based on actual energy usage instead of a flat rate, helping promote energy conservation.

Cost Allocation

Metering individual departments or areas for cost center analysis - budgetary accountability often results in reduced energy consumption.

BMS Integration

Advanced reporting of energy conditions within a facility, granular interval energy data helps facilitate important energy decisions.

Submetering Applications

From apartment complexes to data centers, submetering enables end users to monitor energy consumption and allocate costs whether they are measuring a circuit, a panel, or an entire building. Here are some of our favorite use cases.

E-Mon Submetering System

Honeywell’s leading technology provides precise and reliable metrics to enable effective energy management throughout your building. Here’s how the entire E-Mon energy metering ecosystem works together.

E-Mon Energy Metering System

Energy system configuration using Honeywell E-Mon submeters for on-site or off-site monitoring.

E-Mon Product Portfolio

Pulse Meters

These easy-to-install meters can monitor anything from a single-phase circuit to a specific load panel to an entire building.

Green Class Meters

Green Class meters provide a cost-effective way to benchmark and monitor energy usage trends and to estimated CO2 emissions.

Smart Meters

E-Mon smart meters for energy, power quality and BAS integration combine an extended feature set with a wider range of metering functions.

Multi-Mon Meters

E-Mon Multi-Mon is a multiple branch circuit energy monitor that collects granular energy intelligence data for tenant billing, cost allocation and energy management.


Power Quality

E-Mon PowerSmart+ family of power quality energy monitors and revenue-grade power quality socket meters are ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional energy monitoring applications.

Gas Meters

Gas pulse meters are traditionally for natural gas and propane use, although they can be used to meter other types of gases.


Water Meters

Cold and hot water meters are equipped with a pulse output for interfacing with external interval data recorders for communication via Modbus, BACnet, LonWorks and EZ7 to E-Mon Energy software and/or EMS/BMS systems.

E-Mon Current Sensors

Split and solid core sensors designed to be used exclusively with corresponding E-Mon Submeters. 

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E-Mon MMU Cabinets

Compact installation of multiple meters allow for easy and centralized reading. Available for configurations containing up to 8,16, or 24 meters.

Interval Data Recorders

Collects and stores interval energy data from meters in time-stamped intervals for later download, allowing for profiling of meter data or more detailed analysis.

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Energy Monitoring System

An energy monitoring system that reads and monitors energy consumption easily and effectively to help with energy savings, cost allocation and true tenant billing. 

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