Monitor, measure, and manage energy use with confidence

Who, when, where: From savings to billing, smart energy monitoring gives you the ability to streamline operations, intelligently. Introducing E-Mon™ Class 6000 Energy Meters with smart monitoring.

Smart monitoring starts here: E-Mon Class 6000 Energy Meters

Discover a new class of capabilities, starting with the E-Mon Class 6200 Pulse Meter: Smart monitoring that optimizes building energy use and operational costs by combining robust capabilities and user-friendly convenience with rigorous data security.

The E-Mon app

Our app-supported commissioning uses Bluetooth® for faster, easier installation of multiple meters. 


Our Class 6000 meters include a dedicated crypto chip and lockable enclosure for rigorous data protection. 

Revenue-grade accuracy

Certified for ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5: Precise E-Mon smart metering means more reliable readouts. 


Proactively identify possible defects and reduce installation errors with the Class 6000’s smart wiring-check capability. 

Video - meet the E-Mon Class 6000

See how these revenue-grade smart meters help optimize building energy use and reduce associated costs, with app-supported capabilities that speed installation and simplify device management.

Available E-Mon Class 6000 Products

Class 6200 Pulse Meter

The Class 6200 three-phase pulse meter offers multiple options for enclosure or MMU cabinet. 

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Current sensors

Class 6000 split-core current sensors operate at 333 mV, and are available from 25–5000 amps. 

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MMU Cabinets

E-Mon 6000 MMU cabinets are NEM4A Steel and offered in three sizes for up to 8, 16, or 24 meters.

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