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Let’s Create an Optimal Learning Environment

Honeywell solutions can help provide a safer and more sustainable campus experience to help optimize the education experience – for students and educators.

A holistic view of education

Beyond smart building technologies, our objective is to add value to the broader education strategy, enrich learning, and support cultural and community engagement.

Solutions for school security 

Learn how a K-12 school district took a proactive approach to school security.

Visitor Management for Schools

Enhance safety, security and compliance for staff and visitors who enter your campus.​

Healthier buildings in 3 easy steps

Achieve your campus well-being goals in a straightforward, cost-effective way. ​

Blog post: Three Reasons To Take Action To Improve Indoor Air Quality In Your School 

Healthier Buildings for a Better Student & Staff Experience 

Create an optimal learning environment with our ready now solutions.

Reduce Energy Costs and Meet Sustainability Goals, Guaranteed  

Learn more about energy performance contracting for your campus.

Leverage funding for campus upgrades

Building improvements may not be in your annual budget. Learn how to leverage available funding to help make the upgrades your schools need. 

We Understand Your School

Draw on our deep technical experience to guide you through building retrofits, new construction and critical infrastructure upgrades. We’re part of your community, helping schools around the world. And we’re ready to help you too.