Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite

Integrated software designed to meet the complete security needs of an enterprise, from access and intrusion management to video surveillance

Integrated Security Suite

Pro-Watch provides users control of their building security through an integrated solution of network video recording technology, access management, and cloud connected ecosystems. Our integrated suite provides both an effective and efficient solution that centralizes real time data, meets compliance, and helps reduce operating costs.


Pro-Watch provides video monitoring, advanced data reporting and scalability for your security ecosystem. Watch to learn more about upcoming features.

Frictionless Access

Find out the benefits of our Pro-watch touchless and biometric access integration.

Intelligent Command

A web-based application that increases the number of local or remote thin-client users exponentially, thus helping organizations achieve total situational awareness anytime, anywhere.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services offers an elite level of service given by highly experienced service professionals. If that’s the kind of service you demand, let’s talk. 

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