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Making airports safer and more secure

Never has monitoring the safety and security of airports been so important. Managing people flow, identifying potential exposure to risks and detecting noncompliance to evolving regulations can present challenges for airport operators.

Give passengers confidence that their journey is safer

As airline travel resumes, there is opportunity to realize improved safety and security across the airport without creating additional congestion using integrated safety and security technology to address security challenges and provide a higher level of assurance to passengers

Land more outcomes for your airport

The right equipment makes it easy to adapt to new challenges. See what your airport can achieve when you have Honeywell solutions working for you.

Making airports safer and more secure. 

Download our reference guide to learn how Honeywell is helping airports manage the safe flow of passengers and operate more safely and sustainably for the future

Healthy Airports Video

Watch this video to learn how Honeywell is helping airports bring travelers back to the skies with confidence.

Honeywell Airports Video

 See how Honeywell is helping airports become healthier, safer, more secure as well as more efficient and sustainable for the future.

Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System for Airports

Selecting, designing and commissioning a PA/VA system can be challenging. At Honeywell we have a team of experts that will help you build the most suitable system for your terminal.