We’re recognized for forging lasting partnerships with our end user security customers

The HIS End User Group is a community of Pro-Watch® and MAXPRO® end customers and Honeywell technology experts. Our goal? To shape the future of Honeywell Integrated Security software development and programs.

A network where solutions and ideas flow freely

You can connect with other Pro-Watch® and MAXPRO® customers and technology experts from Honeywell and our partners through the HIS End User Group. The HIS End Users Group is an independent, peer-to-peer group made up of end user customers of Honeywell’s integrated security solutions. The Group gives members a chance to learn, network, and influence Honeywell strategy by:

  • Enabling Honeywell and Honeywell users to exchange information of mutual interest and value
  • Giving Honeywell users an opportunity to exchange experiences, knowledge, and ideas
  • Providing Honeywell with direct user feedback on all technical and functional areas of interest

We share perspectives, information and a mission

We created this community to make sure users of Honeywell integrated security solutions have a chance to become part of a vibrant, meaningful, and growing user community. As a member, you can easily:

  • Share information and receive education about Honeywell solutions, technologies and services
  • Network with peers and industry experts to discuss product features and share best practices.
  • Learn how to optimize your Pro-Watch and MAXPRO product investment
  • Provide feedback and help influence Honeywell’s future technology direction
  • Stay abreast of what’s happening in your industry and more


Connect at our Forum or Fireside Chats

Each year, Group members get together at an off-site location to interact in person and shape the direction of industry innovations and share best practices. Designed specifically for Pro-Watch® and Honeywell Video users to discuss ideas and concerns, the HIS Forum covers a wide range of security related topics.

Another way the HIS End User Group provides a chance to connect with your peers and with members of the Honeywell team is with its Fire Side Chats. Every other month, the Group hosts a half-hour conference call to talk about current topics of interest and receive product updates.


As your network increases, so does knowledge

To help our End Users become more successful, Honeywell offers lots of useful educational resources. You’ll get access to quarterly newsletters, monthly webinars and online training through the Honeywell Discover Learning Management System. All with one goal in mind--to help you stay current with the latest security trends and Honeywell solutions.


Find your nearest Honeywell Authorized Dealer/Channel Partner or Honeywell Integrated Security Dealer near you

Honeywell Authorized Dealer/Channel Partners support Video, Access and Commercial Intrusion for Small to Medium Businesses. Honeywell Integrated Security Dealers are authorized to support and install our exclusive Pro-Watch Solution along with Video, Access and Commercial Intrusion for Enterprise Businesses.


We know End User concerns because we’re End Users

The HIS End User Group is a peer-to-peer group organized and led by an End User Board and Steering Committee consisting of fifteen member volunteers, elected on a three-year term limit from the general membership population. Steering Committee members are responsible for event support, member outreach and knowledge sharing participation.

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