Transform data into savings

The Honeywell Enacto Energy Management platform gives you multiple views into your energy – from the rate of use to its function, source, weather effects and more – so you can make informed decisions about where to optimize.

Which capabilities do you need?

The Enacto platform offers a range of software tiers designed to scale with your budget and your business.

Enacto Enterprise

Our cloud-based enterprise platform gives you the full suite of Enacto capabilities, from enterprise reporting and compliance to smart baselines and alarms, customized views and more.

Enacto ESCO

For Energy Service Companies, this fully scalable and brandable version enables you to create differentiated services for your customers to optimize energy use and carbon emissions.

Enacto Lite

This quick-start package gives you clear visibility into energy-consuming assets, with simple, threshold-based alarms to start focusing your decision making and energy savings.

Enacto Standard

Enacto Standard starts you off with the essentials: energy use by asset, plus smart alarms and baselines with full weather normalization to help reveal greater savings opportunity.

Enacto Advanced

Robust functionality for Energy Management professionals, including whole-estate reporting; a measurement and verification option; user-management; and customizable configurations.


Transform raw data into visual precision

Our cloud-based software analyzes and converts your data into highly accurate visual profiles that make it easy to see notable details, trends and exceptions – the insights you need to identify savings and optimize usage. 

Turn exceptions into savings with smart alarms

Using our exclusive smart-baseline technology, the software tracks normal usage, then highlights your most costly exceptions. Weather impacts, past usage and known exceptions all contribute to highly accurate profiling.

Optimize the value of each asset

The software organizes your energy use by asset for a simple overview of what’s happening and where. From there, you can dig deeper with details by submeter, interval-level views and intuitive overlays.

Measure and verify energy initiatives

Energy conservation measures (ECMs) are important – but so is tracking their impact. Enacto's “measurement and verification” module makes it easy to continuously assess initiatives, using IPMVP-compliant methods.

Maximize the value of your renewables

Track renewable production and ongoing efficiency. Integrated weather data is used to calculate hourly production targets, and you can also incorporate battery charging and discharging for a full performance picture.

Give executives the insights to understand, plan and act

Ensure the right people can easily view the right information, with interactive estate-level reports and dashboards showing data across any combination of regions, assets, brands and custom attributes.