Lead the way to a carbon-free future

Transport your business to a carbon-free future

Honeywell Enacto Energy Management is a cloud-based platform that enables transportation operators to monitor and optimise all sources of energy use and track carbon emissions. The system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in conjunction with data collection from energy-consuming or -producing assets. Its open protocol platform allows for flexible and seamless integration with legacy systems. The solutions provide the capabilities to meet – and even exceed – the complex requirements of transportation infrastructures, without compromising on safety or productivity.

Cutting through the complexity

Honeywell Enacto Energy Management easily visualises data into one platform allowing operators to strategise – and optimise – on insights gained.

·         Manage CO2 emissions, renewables and storage to enable and support decarbonisation strategies

·         Enable advanced energy management, optimisation and savings across all operations for buildings, machinery, vessels, planes and trains

·         Support optimal investment and commercial decisions

·       Maximise operational efficiency opportunities

We offer specialist solutions for:

·         Ports: Develop methods for electrification, digitalisation and monitoring of energy consumption at ports in order to lower overall carbon emissions.

·         Railways: Provide advanced energy and carbon management solutions supporting the railway industry to achieve a more sustainable and optimised energy usage in electric mainline systems and infrastructures.

·         Airports: Offer advanced technologies and analytics to enhance airside operations, healthier terminals by integrated safety and security.

Our solutions in action:

Click here to read how Honeywell is working with Port Esbjerg – one of Denmark’s largest ports - as a global first for the maritime industry: In its efforts to become climate neutral, Port Esbjerg uses Honeywell Enacto Energy Management technology to help manage its carbon emissions and develop methods to digitise and monitor energy consumption.