Save your energy to build your enterprise

Any type of energy. Every asset, zone and facility. See it all in one visual interface, with analytics to uncover insights from waste or performance alerts to trends, compliance and savings.

When your energy needs are complex, the solution is simple: Enacto

Enacto Energy Management is the cloud-based platform for analyzing energy and carbon across your enterprise. Zoom to the level of detail you need – from asset to building to multiple sites – and optimize without compromising comfort or productivity.

Enacto energy management helps you see clearly to plan effectively

Optimize operations and planning with enterprise energy analytics

Investment decisions depend on precise insights and comparisons. Pilots and benchmarks need reliable tracking. CO2 reduction takes measurement. Compliance means verification. That’s why Enacto helps you see energy use – and ROI – from every angle.


Enhance your offering with modular energy and carbon-emission services

Our dedicated ESCO system is cloud-based and scalable, giving you a platform to differentiate your brand and grow your business.



Show your peers what it means to take the lead in decarbonization

By air, by land and by sea, the Enacto platform helps you navigate the complexities of energy optimization – and savings.



Optimize without compromise – savings and comfort in every store

Improve energy use and increase savings across your entire portfolio of stores and facilities.


Any building, every industry: See where your energy is used and how to save

Whether your building is private or public, new or old, Enacto Energy Management can help you improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon.


The energy your operations need to succeed – without the waste

Costs, comfort, productivity: At large industrial sites, energy use is a careful balancing act. Tip the scales in your favor with Enacto.


Whether you want product info, request a demo or have a general question, our experts are here to help you.


A little insight saves a lot of energy

When you can see exactly how your energy is being used, you can plan, invest, react and save. Honeywell Enacto Energy Management translates energy use into meaningful information you can act on – and build upon.