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You’ve got energy savings in store

With rising energy costs and changes in shopper behavior, retailers are looking to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs – all while maintaining a high level shopper experience.

Get the heat off your bill

For some grocery retailers, food refrigeration can represent as much as 50% of their energy consumption. This makes it vital to control refrigeration costs, as you adapt to modern customer needs and demand. 

Your stores in good health

HVAC is a key store element that enables a healthier environment for shoppers and staff members.  Control energy costs as you provide a more safe and comfortable shopping experience that customers have come to expect.

Light up the way for your customers

Lighting is a key component in delivering store experiences that drive shopper footfall, so controlling your lighting costs and knowing where to invest can be a smart revenue driver. 

Climate-friendly energy operations

Manage CO2 emission reduction initiatives across your store portfolio and report progress into your sustainability scheme.