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Comfort. Safety. Efficiency. Building automation enables smart buildings

With security, fire systems, energy meters, HVAC systems and more connecting to the cloud, automation solutions can deliver a well-optimized building.

Automation is the way of the future

Cloud computing and connected technology helps to aggregate, analyze and visualize vast amounts of data across a portfolio of buildings. Analyzing that data provides incredible insights to optimize energy, operations, and even your time.

Building Integration


Integrate with a wide array of equipment — or even your current technology

EBI makes sure the right people are alerted and the right procedures get triggered automatically. Plus, integration with building management systems is seamless.


A controller that accommodates for tomorrow’s growth

Alerton’s BACnet programmable controllers perform global control strategies on a peer-to-peer basis for an entire facility or multiple sites. 


Building automation with simple, open integration

Honeywell ComfortPoint® Open helps to deliver energy efficiency, mobile access and flexibility to simplify operations and save money. 

HVAC Integration

Room Automation


Master room control and partner integration with one system

Honeywell’s INNCOM connects all electronic devices in a room to control temperature, lighting and drapes. It displays guest service requests, such as privacy, butler and room service, while communicating with other in-room devices.


Reduce energy costs and CO2 levels — and help protect the environment

Room automation has great potential for saving energy. With SBC, you’ll benefit with Class A energy efficiency and full connectivity.

Automation is ready to take you into the future

Automation can take your building and seamlessly optimize its systems. You’ll have safe, comfortable, efficient buildings and be able to focus on other business needs. Speak to one of our experts today to get started.