USDD station advanced flipped
USDD station advanced flipped

Powerful, purpose-built and ready to transform fire station alerting

Discover all the reasons why US Digital Designs is the first choice for thousands of fire stations and dispatch centers around the world.

What sets us apart

A proud history of leadership

For 20+ years, innovation and customer centricity have made us a leader in station alerting. Nearly 4,000 fire stations worldwide use our systems.

A future driven by technology

USDD is unleashing the power of digital to transform the emergency response landscape with our IP-based station alerting system.

Who we help

The Phoenix G2 system was built with critical objectives in mind – reduce response times, improve situational awareness and protect the health of first responders.

Dispatchers use our Phoenix G2 system to streamline the dispatch process. They enter the emergency information into their computer-aided dispatch to send text-to-speech dispatches to one or multiple stations in less than a second, freeing them up to focus on other time-critical tasks or take the next call.

First responders get automated dispatch announcements throughout the station via audio and visual alerting peripherals. Ramping lighting and tones and zoned alerting allows for alerting only those on call with less abrupt awakenings.


We created the mission-critical Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System, an ultra-reliable system, with the latest technology. And it's made in the USA. Our tools recognize industry standards so you can integrate Phoenix G2 solutions with most existing hardware investments.


Long before any part is manufactured, we have assembled, tested, used and abused the product in a virtual environment. That way, there are no surprises.

Station design

We've worked with thousands of fire stations. Each one is unique. That’s why our designers will create a custom rendering of the system design for your station.


Each part of the Phoenix G2 system was developed based on the needs and feedback of first responders around the world. Let's turn your vision into reality.

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