The future of first responder alerting is here

Introducing a modern personal alerting solution for wherever you need it most

See how Flex Alert works

Designed to provide all first responders with access to flexible, next-gen alerting


Compact design and easy setup

Save space and time with a modern design that sits wherever you want to receive alerts—whether in your home, station, or dispatch center—and can be up-and-running in just minutes.


Detailed incident data delivered

Get all the critical incident details you need directly from your dispatch center through clear text-to-speech audio and visual alerts.


Less stress and disruption

Keep disruption to a minimum with a gentler wakeup call that protects the well-being of first responders and those sleeping nearby—powered by USDD’s state-of-the-art ramped LED lighting and alerting tones.


Countless applications

Get alerts wherever you need them most—even when you don’t have access to a full-scale fire station alerting system.


Consistent coverage

Get alerts from anywhere you can connect to wi-fi without having to worry about radio dead zones and interference.


Connects with major alerting apps

Incorporate the Flex Alerts device into your existing routine with easy integration with multiple first responder alerting apps.

Get personal audio and visual alerts wherever you can connect to power and Wi-Fi.



Fire Station

Dispatch Center

Key Features

The Flex Alert personal device uses USDD’s signature technology to provide ramped audio and visual alerts that connect to first responders’ smartphones for additional incident data and updates.
  • Multi-color ring light with ramping brightness
  • Ramped alerting tone followed by detailed incident data
  • Incident data delivered with USDD's clear and calm text-to-speech technology
  • In-app notifications for additional incident context and real-time event updates
  • Designed to integrate with major alerting app providers
  • Receives alerts via Wi-Fi connection to Dispatch Center
  • Device setup and configuration done via Bluetooth connection to user's smartphone

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