What It Offers

Text-to-voice Technology
Voice Alert, an alternative to a human speaking dispatches, delivers clear and consistent text-to-speech, helping to improve efficiency and response times.
Back-up Capabilities
Offers dispatchers a redundant system to communicate alerts if the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system fails or is down for maintenance.
Reduce Workload
Reduce dispatcher workload and stress by freeing them up to communicate with callers and manage the dispatch process more effectively.
Reduce Response Times
The system delivers alerts to one or more stations in under a second, helping reduce dispatcher on-hold time and emergency response times.
Boost Situational Awareness
Ensure your first responders are better informed when they arrive on the scene with visual and audible alerts throughout the station.

An automated dispatch alerting subscription

Automated dispatch alerting is also available as a subscription. Cost is based on annual call volume for simple, predictable budgeting.

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