Honeywell Forge Digitized Maintenance

    Condition-based, preventive maintenance for data center critical assets

    Reduce downtime risk and decrease maintenance costs with Honeywell Forge Digitized Maintenance

    Honeywell Forge Digitized Maintenance has now been enabled for use with the Honeywell Data Center Suite. Digitized Maintenance leverages the Honeywell Forge platform and its vendor-agnostic, advanced fault detection asset reliability models to monitor data center critical thermal assets and enable condition-based maintenance strategies. Designed to help our customers to identify faults in equipment before they occur and reduce downtime risk with the goal of decreasing maintenance costs.

    Learn more about how we deliver uptime and resiliency to data center operators. 

    Transform the way you maintain your data center

    Break/fix and scheduled equipment inspections can be expensive and inefficient, and without visibility into asset performance, data center operators and business leaders have difficulty tracking asset optimization strategies. With Digitized Maintenance, our real time analytics, pre-failure alerts and portfolio KPI visibility transform the experience of data center operation. Our intuitive software, driven by asset performance data and advanced analytical models encoded with decades of data center and building expertise, empowers technicians to do more with less time, shift from hourly to KPI-based service contracts and extend the lifespan of data center assets. Plus, seamless integration to popular computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) supplemented with Honeywell’s best-in-class lifecycle services creates an end-to-end workflow for optimized maintenance operations.


    Industry-leading analytics and asset-specific KPIs help identify issues before they cause failure or impact on SLA compliance, reducing downtime risk.

    Maintenance Efficiency 

    Equipment can sometimes break without warning, requiring costly fixes or even replacement. Help detect and fix issues before they cause component failure, saving maintenance costs and extending asset lifetime.

    Simplified Administration

    With limited resources, managing equipment and reporting can become arduous. Dashboards, KPIs, metrics, and insights make managing and reporting easy.

    Advanced Fault Detection

    “Rules+” Analytics

    Alarms monitor precisely when components deviate from spec.

    Targeted Response

    Understand where to allocate resources to deliver the most beneficial results.

    Tuning to Actual Use

    Continuous tuning and refinement as assets wear.

    No matter who made your equipment, we’ve got you covered

    200+ advanced, manufacturer-agnostic rules monitor data center critical thermal asset health and proactively trigger degradation alerts.

    Rule Types

    • Temperature abnormalities
    • Cooling inefficiency
    • Air quality issues
    • Device faults
    • Manual overrides
    • Functional deviations
    • And more

    Equipment Monitored

    • CRACs*
    • CRAHs*
    • Chillers*
    • Rack and Containment*
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Fans
    • Pumps
    • Cooling Towers
    • Sensors
    • Energy Meters
    • VFDs

    *Data center assets

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