15in Dual-Way Vented Loudspeaker

    15in Dual-Way Vented Loudspeakers are designed for fixed installations of professional sound system using voice announcements and musical content in protected outdoor environments


    15in Dual-Way Vented Loudspeakers are the 400W/8 Ohm double-way ventilated loudspeaker is built in accordance with the EN54-24 standard and can be equipped with a variable power transformer for connection to 70/100V lines. Totally exposed to the elements thanks to specific treatments against dust, water and humidity with a fiberglass finish for outdoor applications with total exposure to the weather. The low-mid frequency range is reproduced by a high-efficiency 15 "" woofer while the reproduction of the high frequencies is entrusted to a 1.5 "compression driver with a 3" titanium diaphragm coupled to a rotating horn. 40ºx60º. Its trapezoidal casing with a lateral angle of 15º allows more ergonomic manoeuvres when installing or moving

    • EN54-24