Fire Alarm Control Panels

Morley-IAS Plus

Compact analogue single loop control panel expandable to two loops


Analogue-addressable control panel that is compact, powerful, easy to install and configure. Reducing commissioning time to a minimum.

Features & Benefits:
  • PL-1000 control panel includes Honeywell's Advanced (AP) protocol which maximizes the speed and efficiency of alarm detection, as well as providing maximum information to the installer. The 4.3" (480x272 pixel) Touch Screen provides an intuitive user interface via its menus with quick and easy system operation. The PL-1000 control panel allows full system configuration from the screen itself.The PL-1000 is a single loop addressable panel expandable to two loops with an optional loop card (PL-LIB01). Each loop supports 159 detectors and 159 input / output modules.The analogue-addressable PL-1000 is designed for small to medium sized installations. The PL-1000 is very easy to install and configure. The system is designed to manage both traditional wired field devices and Agile wireless equipment. Installation and commissioning time are reduced to a minimum since the user interface allow in few steps to commission and tests field devices.Due to its size and power, it is the ideal analogue addressable control panel for small to medium sites where maximum information is required from the installed devices. The control panel allows the identification of each of the intelligent sensors in order to verify the state of the system before carrying out any evacuation or transmission to the alarm receiving station or to the building management system
  • CE, EN54/2,4 & 13