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19in VCU Audio Control Unit

19in VCU Audio Control Units are voice notification module with built-in MP3 decoder for distribution of messages in up to 6 speaker courses per module


19in VCU Audio Control Units are voice notification unit with 5 built-in standard messages, as well as test tone. 3 Mb Flash voice storage with possibility of up to 12 messages. A selection of standard messages are available, and own customer-specified messages can be recorded after wish. Can be connected to up to 2 amplifiers. Audio input for connection of ITS-2 control panel. Input/output for distribution of audio signals between multiple VCUs in a larger voice alert system. Input for connection of background music source. The device is full monitored and monitors bla. speaker courses, amplifiers, voice storage, audio lines and power supply. Supply voltage 2 pcs 24 V DC

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