Fire Alarm Control Panels

    FACP Compact

    1-loop Fire Alarm Control Panel


    The Compact is a powerful, professional 1-loop fire alarm control panel for monitoring small to medium sized premises with increased demands on reliability - redundancy through loop wiring. It allows simultaneous detection, control, and warning, both on the loop including spurs, as well as with the inputs and outputs built into the control panel, e.g., fire brigade interface, interface for fire control, outputs for onventional alarm devices and other relays for individual controls.

    The fire brigade peripherals (FBF, FAT) or a repeater panel can be operated via the integrated RS485 interface.

    The Compact is ideal for premises such as schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, doctors‘ offices, DIY markets, small hotels, shops, small businesses and manufacturing or retail.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Single loop panel esserbus / esserbus-PLus
    • Short circuit and open circuit tolerant loop operation with spur cable exits
    • Operation of loop powered, synchronously activated alarm devices (optical/acoustic/voice) in different alarm zones via esserbus-PLus powered loop technology
    • Length of the loop circuit (esserbus) up to 3.5 km
    • Up to 127 esserbus devices (fire detectors or manual call points)/group
    • Up to 32 esserbus transponders
    • Up to 30 IQ8Quad detectors with integrated sounders
    • Up to 20 IQ8Alarm / IQ8Alarm Plus sounder
    • Operation of ATEX approved detectors (intrinsically safe) for potentially explosive areas
    • Optimized commissioning, maintenance and operation
    • Easy configuration and programming of the FACP functions via display
    • 4 relays, programmable, not monitored, potential-free, max. 30 V DC/2 A or 60 V DC/1 A
    • 2 outputs for connection to acoustic and optical sounders according to EN 54-13 (each 24 V DC/max. 500 mA)
    • 1 interface for Fire alarm routing equipment (FARE) (12 V DC/max. 200 mA)
    • 1 interface for fault routing equipment (12 V DC/max. 200 mA)
    • 1 standard interface solution for fire control type C acc. DIN EN 54-2
    • RS485 for connection of fire brigade control panel and fire brigade graphic annunciator
    • 1 output UBext 24 V/0.5 A, for the voltage supply of external devices
    • 72 hour emergency bypass (depending on configuration)
    • Large LCD display with 8 rows x 40 characters
    • Integrated zonal indicator
    • Delay function (PM operating mode according to DIN VDE 0833-2 for preventing false alarms, delay / verify)
    • Co-incidence detection function (TM operating mode according to DIN VDE 0833-2 for preventing false alarms), alternatively programmable as alarm latching or 2-zone dependency between the detector zones
    • Alarm counter for up to 10,000 trips
    • Event memory for up to 10,000 events


    • Brand
      • Esser


    • Brand
      • Esser
    • Brand : Esser