Horns & Sounders

SenTRI Wall Sounder

SenTRI wall sounders, VADs and combine Sounder VADS. The range offers this industry beating functionality all powered by the loop.


The SenTRI wall sounder VADs incorporate EN54-23 visual alarms and sound in one device. The range offers all variants in a choice of red or white flash with either a standard IP 21 rating or an EP variant meeting IP66. The range offers this industry beating functionality all powered by the loop. The SenTRI Sounder VADs have been designed to assist with compliance to the fire detection and alarm requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (formerly Disability Discrimination Act). As an aid to commissioning, there is the option to use the HandiLink Infrared remote control to adjust the volume in the room without the need for physical or mechanical access to the device. Password access at the control panel is required to enable this feature so it is not possible to make this adjustment accidentally or maliciously.

Features & Benefits:
  • High efficiency design allows more devices per loop e.g. up to 200 sounders can be powered per loop
  • EN54 part 23 VAD with industry beating coverage
  • Active monitoring of sounder and VAD circuit
  • All tones and visual alarms are synchronised across loops in the same control panel
  • Complements the SenTRI sensor with complex sound signals
  • The HandiLink remote control makes it much easier to adjust the sound level in situ
  • Products incorporate innovative design features which are patented
  • Combined VADs and Sounder VADs allow complete compliance with the Equality Act 2010
  • Sounder VAD EN54-3
  • EN54-23:2010
  • EN54-17
  • VAD - EN54-23:2010
  • EN54-17
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