Emergency Voice / Alarm Communications System

HCU-2000 Intevio Controller

Honeywell’s INTEVIO Public Address and Voice Alarm system is the ideal solution for single buildings. It is an integrated solution that can provide better stability, costsavings, and higher user experience and performance.


HCU-2000 controller is the core unit of INTEVIO VA/PA system which performs the audio storage, signal processing, routing, control and supervision functions for the whole system. With the built-in 500W Class-D amplifier, the single controller can work as an 8-zone VA/PA system. When more power and speaker zones are needed, it can be expanded by using external power amplifier HAM-2000 and zone expander HEX-8/HEX-24.


The controller integrates multiple functions such as audio storage, playback, zone control, audio monitoring, scheduled broadcast and fault diagnosis, etc.

Intuitive interaction design between buttons and screen

After pressing a button on the front panel, clear instructions will pop up on the LCD screen to guide the user what to do next. This increases the operational efficiency

Automatic fault diagnosis

The INTEVIO system is a fully monitored system with the ability to supervise and report faults related to the main power, backup power, CPU, microphone, amplifiers, speaker circuits and the dry contacts. The fault details will be displayed on the LCD screen and fault .logs will be stored in the internal memory

Allow all calls even when the CPU malfunctions

If the CPU of the HCU-2000 fails the INTEVIO system will still allow the user to make paging announcements (All Call) using the PTT Microphone or the call stations in case of emergencies.

Scheduled broadcast with built-in timer

HCU-2000 has a built-in timer and supports configurable scheduled broadcast without extra timing device. Record and play HCU-2000 allows Users to record the temporary messages into its built-in 1GB memory with the PTT microphone or the call station and broadcast it without configuration. It’s a function for operation efficiency improvement, especially for the application such as shopping mall/supermarket where the promotion message needs to be frequently updated.

Cost saving amplifier backup solution

IHCU-2000 has built-in amplifier automatic switch-over function and allows different amplifier backup configurations to address the needs of different applications. To back up all the amplifiers in the system, a minimum of one standby amplifier is sufficient, which greatly reduces the ownership cost on standby amplifiers.

Features & Benefits:
  • Complies to international standards
  • Plug-and-play for easy commissioning
  • Intuitive set-up with step-by-step guided interaction with the LCD front panel
  • Fully configurable keys to achieve any task at the press of a button
  • Modular architecture : Expandable upto 128 speaker lines
  • For Europe : CE Certified
  • For Global : CB Certified


  • Brand
    • Honeywell
  • Internal Flash Memory
    • 1 gal(US)/d
  • Maximum Operating Humidity
    • <95


  • Brand
    • Honeywell
  • Internal Flash Memory
    • 1 gal(US)/d
  • Maximum Operating Humidity
    • <95
  • Brand : Honeywell
  • Internal Flash Memory : 1 gal(US)/d
  • Maximum Operating Humidity : <95
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