Wireless System Gateway

Wireless System Gateways by Honeywell are provides an efficient, reliable solution.

Wireless devices in a SWIFT network develop "parent-child" communication links with other devices in the mesh, so that a message originating from a remote device "hops" to the closest parent device, and then to successive parent devices until the message reaches gateway. Alternate paths are also identified and supervised by the SWIFT protocol providing approved Class A wireless communication. If a device does not have an established communication path with adequate signal strength, an additional device such as a wireless module may be installed in between so that it will act as a repeater.

Features & Benefits:
  • Wireless mesh technology (902-928 MHz frequency)
  • Cascading-wave mesh operation provides a verification on redundant communication paths
  • Any wireless device can be added to act as a repeater
  • Each gateway supports up to 50 addresses: 1 wireless gateway and up to 49 devices
  • Up to 4 wireless networks can be installed with overlapping radio network coverage
  • Site Survey feature allows for an evaluation of a site before the installation
  • IFP-75, IFP-300
  • IFP300ECS
  • IFP-2100
  • IFP-2100ECS


  • Brand
    • Farenhyt


  • Brand
    • Farenhyt
  • Brand : Farenhyt
Wireless System Gateway: 24 V DC: 1 SWIFT