Zone & Unitary Controllers

Honeywell Optimizer Unitary Controller (24V)

A part of the Honeywell Optimizer Suite, the Honeywell Optimizer Unitary Controller allows you to wire them or connect wirelessly – even take advantage of groundbreaking twisted pair T1L technology

Honeywell Optimizer Unitary Controllers provide flexible, freely programmable, demand-led control that delivers tangible benefits to reduce energy spending while driving new levels of functionality and efficiency in today’s buildings.They offer performance-based engineering with Niagara 4 and enable Single-Tool-Engineering throughout the whole Building Management System with cost-effective installation. These controllers contain integrated Bluetooth for an easy connection to commissioning apps.Features & Benefits:
  • Ideal for fan coils, split systems, unitary vents, air handlers, or other self-contained units
  • Daisy chain ethernet connection ensures reliable data speed over greater distance
  • T1L technology allows you to upgrade to IP without having to rewire your network
  • Connect to the controller via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE). Easy pairing, no need to open the ceiling for recalibration
  • Secure communication. Your OT network can be as secure as your IT
  • Mounting in fuse boxes on DIN rails or walls
  • Relays which can handle up to 277 VAC and high inrush current (100 A)
  • Power supply 24 VAC or DC
  • Optional terminal covers and strain relief via cable ties
  • Convenient retrofit for prior Honeywell models
  • Color-coded screw terminals to better identify function and placement can be swapped without disconnecting wires
  • CE mark
  • UL 916
  • UL/ULC 60730-1
  • FCC/IC Product Class B