Fire Alarm Control Panels

    FACP FlexeS Control

    The FACP FlexES Control M is a modular loop technology fire alarm and control panel designed to monitor and alarm small to very large sized premises.


    FACP IQ8Controls are available in different packages such as C package, Package 1, package 3, 5, M.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Max. 18 loop modules esserbus® / esserbus® PLus for a total of up to 2286 loop devices
    • Integration in the short and open circuit resistant essernet network with up to 31 fire detection panels
    • Four common relays, freely programmable, monitored, potential-free up to 24 V DC
    • FARE interface
    • 1 x TTY and 2 x RS485 interfaces for connecting the fire brigade peripherals, graphic management systems, remote control panels,repeater panel, printers
    • Cascadable power supply for up to 450 W and 144 Ah battery capacity according to EN 54-4
    • Degraded mode for monitored areas up to 48,000 m² or more than 512 fire detectors
    • Optional redundant control module for monitoring areas > 48,000 m² or higher safety requirements
    • Operating modes TM and PM according to DIN VDE 0833-2 to avoid false alarms
    • Event memory for 10,000 events
    • Display and control panel with 5.7 “graphic display
    • Capacitive keyboard for touch-sensitive operation
    • Programmable function keys with operating macros for additional functions
    • Operating levels via access code


    • Brand
      • Esser


    • Brand
      • Esser
    • Brand : Esser