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    IQeco35 BACnet Controllers

    The IQECO35 is a terminal unit controller for use with BACnet over MS/TP.


    The IQECO35 is a terminal unit controller for use with BACnet over MS/TP. It can communicate with other IQECOs over the BACnet MS/TP network, and with Trend networked devices by using an IQ4NC. It has 17 I/O channels, and can be supplied as a fixed or programmable unit, with Trend written strategies, custom strategies or no strategy.

    The IQECO can be purchased either as a fully programmable or a fixed strategy model. A wide range of strategies can be downloaded to the units to provide pre-configured functionality for a host of different applications. They are classified as Entry level (E), Basic (B) or Plus (P)and can be downloaded into the respective controllers. The more popular application strategies can be ordered directly from the factory. Please see price list for details. The fixed strategy controllers will allow a degree of configuration while the programmable models allow complete flexibility. Should it be necessary to upgrade from a fixed to programmable an unlock is available.

    Features & Benefits:
    • The programmable units allow the strategy to be modified to meet specific project requirements whereas the fixed units can only be used with a Trend supplied strategy.
    • The strategy itself defines the units HVAC control method. Various Trend strategies are available and they are divided into three categories, Entry, Basic and Plus. The Entry category has less sophisticated strategies with a lower level of I/O control and the Plus category has more sophisticated strategies with the highest level of I/O control.
    • Trend provide a service to supply personal strategies preloaded into the IQECO. This can significantly reduce time on site by removing the need to download the same strategy to potentially several hundred controllers.
    • Units defined as No Strategy are supplied empty and can have strategies downloaded from SET.


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      • Trend


    • Brand
      • Trend
    • Brand : Trend
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    Wall Module: Temperature/Humidity: Sylk
    Wall Module: Temperature: Humidity: CO2: Sylk-Bus
    Pluggable Panel Bus Analog Input Module: 8 Input
    3-Point Rotary Valve Actuator: 24Vac: 40Nm: 210s
    Pneumatic/Electric Switch: Surface Mount: Factory Calibrated at 10psi
    Pneumatic Capacity Relay: Wall/Inline/Panel Mount
    Temperature Sensor: 20K ohm NTC Non-Linear: Selectable Setpoint: Lon Jack
    Linear Valve Actuator: Non-Spring Return: Floating: Two-position SPDT: 24Vac: 160 lbf: 710 N
    3-Point Linear Valve Actuator: 24Vac: 38mm stroke: 1800N: 210s
    Cartridge Globe Valve: 1/2 in. NPT: 2-way: 1.9 Cv: Equal Percentage