Access Control Panels

Temaline Controller

The Temaline TS2 controller is a fully autonomous access control panel connectable via EBI


TS2 controller provides Access Control, T&A and Lift Management in one application allowing you to optimise the use and the distribution of your devices. Thanks to the peer-to-peer communication the TS2 offers the full availability of peripheral devices even in case of disconnection from the supervisory centre. The unique shared-load capability (controller redundancy) ensures 100% availability of your field devices in the case of failure of a controller.

Features & Benefits:
  • Connection of readers and field devices via LON
  • Management of up to 250.000 cards
  • Fully configurable memory
  • IPSEC communication towards Supervisory level ensures data integrity and confidentiality
  • Management of up to 16 doors with readers on both sides of the door
  • Management of up to 64 Inputs and 64 Outputs
  • Autonomous clock/calendar with geographic time zone support and daylight saving time. Ten days of autonomy in case of power failure
  • Battery backup, with full functionality for 90 minutes in case of power failure and signalling of the battery-charge status
  • Low voltage power-supply (12V DC/AC) for safety during maintenance
  • Tamper protection of the unit to detect unauthorised opening
  • Watchdog protection for recovering in case of malfunctions Key
  • CE
  • EN60839 Grade-3