Expansion Modules

SK-4 & SK-4E Fire Alarm Control Panel Module

The SK-4 and SK-4E (SK-2/E) are four zone conventional fire alarm control panels (FACPs) that bring the latest in microprocessor technology to conventional fire controls.

SK-2/SK-4 fire alarm control panel (FACP) module options include transmitter modules, interface modules, and zone relay modules. Transmitter modules provide a supervised output for a local energy municipal box transmitter and alarm and trouble reverse polarity. The modules include a disable switch and a disable trouble LED. A module jumper option allows the reverse polarity circuit to open with a system trouble condition if no alarm condition exists. Interface modules support the remote annunciator module. Annunciator wiring is supervised for open conditions by this module. The interface modules mount to the main circuit board option module connectors J3 and J5 only. Zone relay modules provide 4-zone alarm, one system alarm, and one system trouble Form C relays. Nonpower-limited and power-limited wiring must have a minimum distance of 0.25 inch, wire to wire.

Features & Benefits:
  • Four Class B initiating device circuits
  • Two Class B notification appliance circuit
  • Synchronization for System Sensor®, Gentex® and Wheelock® devices
  • Silent or audible walk test operation
  • Disable switches provided per zone
  • Form C alarm, trouble and supervisory relays
Fire Alarm Control Panel: Zone Relay Module