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FireWin Onsite Editor

Delta Compact Apollo has the ability to communicate with other Delta DA units and can therefore be integrated into large monitoring systems. Delta Compact is available with eBus and big mimic.

A Windows-based program has been developed that enables this while maintaining all security requirements. By installing the program, the user can easily edit customer-specific texts in fire and emergency lighting installations. As a result, the texts are always updated at the same time as a log is generated automatically.

This means that safety is met even if handling errors should occur. The program is also developed so that it prevents unauthorized persons from influencing or changing the plant's parameters. Contact Eltek Fire & Safety for more information and to find out if the program can be used in your facility. The program can in most cases be used in control panels that were manufactured as early as 1993. This presupposes that eBus and the system are programmed with FireWin Explorer.

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