Manual Call Point/Pull Station Parts

KAC Call Point Pattress Box

KAC Call Point Pattress Boxes are great deal more than an alternative to a surface mounting boxes. They are designed to accept installation cables, that enter the device without use of bulky cable terminations.


KAC Call Point Pattress boxes can also be supplied with terminals. For example model ‘PTR3TE’ . The “R” in the reference denotes the colour Red and the “3TE” denotes that it is provided with all available terminals; 3 general terminal assemblies plus the earth terminal. Locally thinned wall sections are provided, both in the top and the bottom of the pattress. The installer can easily cut these away to provide the required cable access. These thinned sections are designed to accept either one or two circular plastic sheathed cables of the order of 8mm diameter, but can easily be enlarged.

Features & Benefits:
  • Low Profile
  • Ideal for use in flying lead style installations requiring electrical connections made within the box
  • Available in the same colour options as the MCP range
  • Multiple fixing holes
  • Comply with BS5839: Part 2:1983
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