Fire Alarm Control Panels

X-618 core equipment

X-618 core equipment


X-DSC2000 is the core device of X618 all-digital public broadcast/fire broadcast systems. It features a highly integrated design concept based on digital network technology. The 2U body size contains powerful functions including sound source storage, Web audio reception, voice playback, audio matrix, volume control, listening, troubleshooting, primary/backup amplifier switching, etc. The patented exterior design improves sensory enjoyment while saving more installation space and reducing installation and wiring costs.

Features & Benefits:
  • There are at less 8 partitions available, which can be expanded freely over Ethernet
  • There are 8 partition outputs and the actual number of partitions can be configured via software. There are 3 auxiliary inputs in which the AUX 2/3 input has an adjustable gain, used for external sound source devices
  • It is possible to set the timed playback mode and up to 255 playback priorities via software
  • Primary/backup amplifier switching is available, and the backup mode can be configured, supporting 4 primary, 1 backup amplifiers and 8 primary, 1 backup amplifiers. The correspondence between amplifier channels and partitions can be set, to enable one amplifier channel to drive one partition, or one amplifier to drive multiple partitions
  • There is a built-in 1GB nonvolatile memory with 606MB for voice files (up to 120 minutes), used for playback of voice messages or background music
  • Partition broadcasts can be listened to remotely and locally
  • It is possible to link to the fire alarm control host through 8-line dry contact inputs or MODBUS bus, to play 4 types of voice simultaneously and custom emergency broadcast evacuation modes, in accordance with the China’ fire broadcast standard GB16806 -2006
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