Enclosure Mounts & Hardware

Empertech Ceiling Camera

Empertech Ceiling Cameras can be easily attached on the ceiling. They are designed by the full-featured, high-performance digital DSP and assuring stable capability.


Empertech Ceiling Cameras have integrated design and compact structure with high reliability. Empertech Ceiling Cameras are automatic cruise monitoring module.

Features & Benefits:
  • Designed by the full-featured, high-performance digital DSP, assuring stable capability
  • Data of internal set, will not be lost after power off
  • All-in-one integrated design, compact structure, high reliability
  • 64 pre-set bit, assured random storage and accurate positioning
  • Automatic cruise monitoring
  • RS-485 bus control
  • Using DC motor, stable operating with low speed
  • Driven by Precision motor, smooth and responsive
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