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Fire Protection Housing

Fire Protection Housing


The duration of the functional integrity of the electrical wiring systems for safety-related systems is at least 30 minutes for:

- Fire alarm systems including the associated transmission paths.

- Systems for alerting and issuing instructions to visitors and employees, provided that these systems must be effective in the event of a fire.

Fire alarm systems required by building law that are provided with esserbusĀ®-PLus alarm devices can be installed in this fire protection housing in accordance with DIN 4102-2 with approval according to DIBt. The housing is a component the VdS device approval and, as a approved distributor, guarantees the alarm systems are supplied for more than 30 minutes.

Features & Benefits:
  • Fire resistance F30, certified in accordance with DIN 4102-2
  • Functional integrity of over 30 minutes, in accordance with DIN 4102-12
  • Fire load insulation of over 30 minutes in accordance with DIN 4102-11
  • Flexible mounting-rail system for IQ8Control, Compact and FlexES Control FACP
  • Silent ventilation system
  • Push rod fastener with 2-point interlock
  • Cable chute for bundle inlet on the top and under the bottom
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