PCD3.M6360 Can Power Controller

The Controller Area Networks (CAN – Specification CAN 2.

PCD3.M6360 CPUs provide a galvanic isolated high-speed 1 MBit/s CAN interface. These CPUs have the same functions as PCD3.M5560 CPUs except that the S-Net/MPI interface is replaced by CAN functionality

High-performance CPU

-Sustainable processor technology with - 2 MB of program memory and - 128 MB Flash memory

-Compact PLC in combination with the Saia PCD® COSinus operating system

-USB, RS-232, RS-485, CAN and Ethernet interface in the base unit. Integrated Web server

CAN operating modes

CAN Direct Access (FullCan): Direct access to all 32 hardware buffers and support of integrated CAN controller functionality

CAN Basic Services (Basic CAN): Operating mode analogue to the Basic CAN principle with only one receive and one transmit path

CAN Data Mapping: Output messages are cyclically sent and input messages are directly mapped to the process data by the data manager

Features & Benefits:
  • CPU base units for 4 plug-in I/O modules
  • PCD3 processor unit with CAN bus interface and Ethernet TCP/IP, web and FTP server, file system
  • CPU with 2 MByte user program , 1 MByte RAM extension memory, 128 MByte user Flash memory with file system,
  • data protection 1-3 years
  • USB port for PG5, up to 1024 I/O, 2 interrupt ,RS-232, 2x RS-485 for Profi-S-Net/MPI/S-Bus
  • IP 20 according to EN60529


  • Brand
    • Saia Burgess Controls SBC


  • Brand
    • Saia Burgess Controls SBC
  • Brand : Saia Burgess Controls SBC
CPU for insulated Mounting
PCD3 Processor Unit, CAN Bus Interface, Ethernet TCP/IP