Enclosure Mounts & Hardware

Annunciator Keyswitch

The Annunciator Keyswitches are used to enable/disable the NCA-2 keypad.

The Annunciator Key switches Series ACS provide a modular line of products for annunciation and control of the NOTIFIER ONYX Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels, Network Control Annunciators, and NOTIFIER’s legacy addressable panels. The ACS line provides arrays of LEDs to indicate point status and, in some versions, switches to control the state of output circuits. These ACS units use a serial interface and may be located at distances of up to 6,000 feet (1,828.8 meters) from the panel.

Features & Benefits:
  • Speaker control mode for use with XPIQ
  • Compatible with existing annunciators
  • Colour programmable LEDs
  • On-board end-of-line resistors can be enabled/disabled by setting a switch
  • Alarm/Circuit On and Trouble LED per-point option or more dense Alarm only option
  • System Trouble LED indicator
  • On-Line/Power LED indicator
  • Alarm and trouble resound with flash of new conditions
  • Microprocessor-controlled electronics, fully supervised
  • Slip-in custom labels, lettered with standard typewriter or Label Ease program


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