Emergency Voice / Alarm Communications System

Emergency Voice Communications System Compact 9

The EVCS Compact 9 is a combined Line Exchange Unit and Master Handset which connects to up to 9 Disabled Refuge or Fire Emergency Telephones


The Emergency Voice Communications System (EVCS) is for use as a Fire Telephone system, Disabled Refuge Call system or as a combined system when both Fire Telephones and Disabled Refuge Points are required. The EVCS Compact 9 system comprises of the 9 Line Master Exchange Unit and up to 9 Outstations (Type A, Type B, or Emergency Assist Alarms). Using the 10 line Slave Exchange Unit this system can be easily expanded to 19 lines.

The Compact 9 Emergency Voice Communication System (EVCS) is designed to fully comply with BS 5839 9 -2011 for use as a Fire Telephone System, Disabled Refuge Call System or as a combined system when both Fire Telephones and Disabled Refuge points are required.

The Compact 9 is modular in design and the controller manages all functions for the first 9 zones. There is no need for additional equipment such as power supplies. Capable of being extended to 19 outstations it is the ideal solution for EVCS in small and medium buildings. Fully compliant with BS5839 part 9 (2011) each Compact 9 unit is supplied complete with power supply requiring no further equipment and minimum commissioning effort.

Features & Benefits:
  • Analogue addressable communications
  • Full duplex communications
  • Simple menu programming
  • Contact outputs to interface with Fire Detection or Voice Alarm Systems
  • Up to 19 Outstations - using 10 Line Slave Exchange unit and the 9 Line Master Exchange
  • In addition to Type A and Type B Outstation can also monitor Emergency Assist Alarms (using a 2 core radial)
  • ISO9001:1994
  • EN 55103-1 & EN 55103-2
  • BS 5839-9 & BS 9999
  • EN54 Pt 4 A2 PSU & Charger


  • Brand
    • Notifier


  • Brand
    • Notifier
  • Brand : Notifier
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