Card Readers

LuminAXS ProX Reader

The luminAXS reader is suitable for arming and disarming in intruder alarm technology and for integration into access control systems.


The "Insertic Touch" built-in readers are suitable for installation in standard flush-mounted installation boxes. Owing to their flat style, the readers protrude only 21 mm from the wall. In connection with their noble glass design, the readers fit in harmoniously in both industrial and private surroundings.

The readers are available with various different interfaces for a broad spectrum of applications. The 3 LEDs of the reader (green, yellow, red) are always activated by the EU / central control unit in standard operation. Depending on the EU or central control unit used, their function is fixed or can be defined by programming. For readers with clock/data interface, the yellow LED is always used as operating display. The bright luminous symbols and an integrated buzzer give clear acknowledgements during operation.

The readers of the "Insertic Touch" series can easily be integrated into Honeywell access control (ACS series), intrusion detection technology (IK3 EU) and time management (access control and ACS-2 plus options) using the standard interfaces RS-485 or clock/data.

Features & Benefits:
  • Automatic addressing on RS-485 bus
  • Can be mounted directly on standard flush-mounting boxes
  • Largely vandal-proof
  • Low energy consumption
  • Light ring
  • Installation independent of the surface
  • Automatic range adjustment of the antenna.
  • EN 60529
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