Emergency Voice / Alarm Communications System

STICK-ON® Voice Activated Relay

Voice Activated Relays are designed for quick, convenient installation and reliable operation in a variety of control applications. They are specifically designed to switch reliably on voice signals for continuous duty in professional A/V systems.

STICK-ON® Voice Activated Relays are designed, built and rated for continuous duty in professional A/V systems. They have switching controlled by Voice Signal from Mic or Line Level Signals. The unbalanced output from the STM-1 can be used to trigger the ST-VOX1, while the STM-1 balanced output is used for the audio feed.

Features & Benefits:
  • Switching Controlled by Voice Signal
  • Switching from Mic or Line Level Signals
  • Precise Threshold Adjustment
  • DPDT Switching Contacts
  • Open-Collector Slave Output
  • CE Approved.
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Voice Activated Relay: 5K Ohm Unbalanced Line: 60W: Audio Threshold LED: 0 to 55C: 1.7x7.6x3.9 cm