Enclosure Mounts & Hardware

    E3 Series B Cabinet

    E3 Series B Cabinet features compact assembly that allows a wide range of configurations to form an integrated, distributed fire alarm system


    E3 Series B Cabinet is wall mount compact enclosure cabinet for expandable emergency evacuation System by Gamewell-FCI that offers several cabinet size options . Cabinet includes a mounting plate that contains a space for the modules ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3, PM-9/PM-9G, sub-assemblies Batteries set inside the backbox These cabinet options allow for sturdy and modern installations and Each cabinet backbox includes mounting patterns for plates to allow the installer to arrange and secure the sub-assemblies to the backbox. The backbox knockouts are also positioned at numerous points to allow a conduit access into the enclosure Annunciator cabinet provide the maximum flexibility that can meet any application

    Features & Benefits:
    • 16-gauge steel backbox
    • Contains removable outer and inner doors
    • Built with an inner door bonding strap used to provide electrical continuity for grounding
    • Cabinets are available in either black or red
    • Backbox and door ground studs provide positive grounding, and 180° opening door with full clearance
    • Offers 90Deg opening door with zero clearance
    • Includes a keylock with quarter turn latch
    • Trim Ring accessories available
    • IBC Seismic