Inside image of building
Inside image of building

Demand safety in your environment.

Protecting your people and assets is critical, but often presents strategic and tactical challenges. We’ve solved safety issues for some of the world’s largest buildings. Let us help tackle yours.


Automated, holistic buildings make life more convenient for you and your occupants. We can integrate safety systems within your building, so you always know what’s happening, and can be more confident it’s protected from cybersecurity risks, too.

Featured Products

Notification Systems

Reach people fast when seconds count. Our offerings integrate into your systems to help speed response, save lives and prevent loss.

Instant Alert Plus

Automatic messaging simplifies the task of informing occupants in routine or emergency situations, reaching them by various preferred methods.

Buildings Integration

Our Enterprise Buildings Integrator, enhanced by LifeSafety Manager, integrates a range of systems for unprecedented insights and efficiencies.

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