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INNCOM Integrated Room Automation System (IRAS)
INNCOM Integrated Room Automation System (IRAS)


Comfort and convenience for guests mean savings for your hotel

Hospitality IoT that saves energy and wows guests: See why hotels ranging from select-service to luxury resorts rely on our INNCOM Integrated Room Automation Systems (IRAS) to optimize energy costs while creating delightful guest experiences.


HVAC energy savings of up to 40% with ease and comfort

Keep guests comfy and costs low. The e7 isn’t just a thermostat. It’s an energy-management system, IoT hub and more. Also in wireless (e7w).


Mission control for your operations: INNcontrol

INNcontrol Supervisor software delivers an integrated view of your property — or portfolio — with dashboards, analytics, reports and more.


Delight guests with smarter convenience

Integrated Room Automation lets you connect smart technologies like thermostats, lighting, locks and more to give guests a memorable stay.


Step up to greater savings at your own pace

The INNCOM platform is modular and scalable so you can add capabilities as needed. See how we help hotels achieve HVAC energy savings of up to 40%.


A full suite of hospitality solutions

No matter what plans you have for a hospitality facility, we can customize a solution for you, from enhancing energy efficiencies in a retrofit project to integrating all your building management systems in a new build.