Advanced PA/VA for complex applications

Larger and more complicated sites frequently have unique needs. Our advanced solutions can be networked together and integrated with other building systems to maximize safety and efficiency.

Key Benefits

Adept at managing evacuation strategies

  • Scalable and modular for constant changes
  • Supports many evacuation and paging zones
  • Manages complicated evacuation strategies in emergencies

Up to 120 simultaneous announcements

  • IP connectivity to link multiple nodes (VARIODYN D1 DOM) 
  • Up to 120 announcements at the same time
  • Prerecording and playing of messages

Broad, secure links and interfaces

  •  Secure data link to various Honeywell Fire Alarm Systems
  • Decentralized system architecture
  • Interface to Building Management Systems (e.g. Honeywell EBI)

Real world PA/VA case studies

Our wide range of advanced products means we can help tailor a solution to your exact needs. See how we’ve done it for others around the world.

Newcastle Metrocentre shops for site-wide upgrade

When intu Metrocentre upgraded their entire fire protection system, they turned to us for an advanced, integrated solution. Find out why.

Salford rugby stadium racks up 13,000-watt PA/VA system

England’s City of Salford Stadium brought us in early to create a massive, rack-based PA/VA system for emergencies, game scores and music.

Explore the potential of voice.

Discover what your facility can achieve when it’s helped by the Honeywell Voice Alarm and Public Address system. Contact us.