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UV-C technology for healthier buildings

UV-C coil disinfection

UV-C coil disinfection technology

Safeguard your greatest assets and maintain a healthy, energy-efficient building with UV-C coil surface disinfection treatments customized for your applications

Filtration & disinfection


In-duct surface disinfection is effective at keeping cooling coils, drain pans and other wet surfaces clean and not spreading particles or pathogens throughout the building.

Minimize work disruption

We can work with most hardware and technology brands that you currently have or plan to buy, helping to minimize costs and work disruption.

Versatile options 

With multiple variants to support a range of applications and a variety of sizes, UV-C treatment is designed to be built onsite for a variety of size combinations and precise fitting.

Improve efficiency

Biofilms like mold and mildew can impair airflow by reducing heat transfer efficiency. Keeping the coils cleaner can help improve equipment efficiency.

Reduce coil cleaning 

UV-C technology keeps coils almost entirely free of mold or mildew growth, decreasing the need to clean coils and reducing maintenance costs.

Save energy 

Mold and mildew growth can restrict airflow and reduce heat transfer efficiency on the coil, resulting in increased energy consumption and impaired airflow. By keeping components cleaner, UV-C technology helps reduce energy costs.

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UV-C Coil Disinfection can provide better air quality for you and your occupants. Request more information for Honeywell's UV-C offering.

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