Autonomous networking: INNCOM Deep Mesh Network

A self-healing and self-forming wireless technology to help your building stay future-proof

Advanced RF technology

The wireless INNCOM Deep Mesh Network automatically creates a communication grid between connected thermostats, an edge router, and energy management software. Its framework is the basis for secure, integrated room and building automation, allowing for easy and quick HVAC and lighting control.

Install an INNCOM edge router

For a simple system, one edge router connects up to 250 rooms to the network with minimal installation effort and no network cabling.


Install INNCOM EMS thermostats

The thermostats act as a climate controllers, connecting your rooms to their HVAC units and the network. The network infrastructure is already embedded in the thermostats for easy setup.


View the system from your INNCOM energy management software

Thermostats connect with each other and communicate back to the gateway, creating the Deep Mesh Network. Real-time device data can be viewed and managed in the INNCOM EMS dashboard.

An affordable, self-forming wireless network

The INNCOM Deep Mesh Network allows you to have a robust wireless network architecture with greater control and reliability, while also providing the capability to adapt to future technologies.

Easy setup

Infrastructure is embedded in INNCOM thermostats and other devices so you can easily connect to the mesh network.

Enhanced reliability and security

Data is routed across the wireless network in real-time, so you can control and monitor every device. Data is isolated and kept in a secure environment.

Self-forming and self-healing

If a thermostat goes offline due to maintenance or defect, the system reroutes to keep other devices online.

Ready to scale when you are

Ability to expand across your building as more thermostats are installed.

Key INNCOM Deep Mesh Network Features

ZigBee Protocol

ZigBee™ (IEEE 802.15.4) based designed to work with ZigBee Pro, ZigBee 2006 and 6LoWPAN so you aren’t limited to one ZigBee protocol.

Supports HTNG Room Control Protocol

Supports HTNG Room Control Protocol allowing for multi vendor integration so you aren’t limited to single network protocol.

Multi-Path Packet Routing

Multi-path packet routing provides enhanced transport reliability so you aren’t limited to ZigBee packet routing algorithms only.

Low-Cost Network Infrastructure

The network infrastructure is embedded in the thermostat and other room devices so you do not require a separate RF radio device for network transmission. The edge routers acts simultaneously as the IP routers and application gateway to provide multi-mode services so you aren’t limited to only traditional PAN coordinator services. The devices are IPv6 ready for future network services.

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