A room that runs itself spends less

INNCOM Energy Management Thermostats for occupancy-based guestroom climate control

Comfort and control have come a long way

Go beyond standard thermostat control with an INNCOM Energy Management System (EMS) Thermostat – sense when people are in the room and adjust the temperature as they come and go. Take the capabilities further by connecting rooms to the IoT features guests love, all in a beautifully simple package.

Apply a range of even deeper temperature setbacks

Automatic occupancy-sensing

The built-in motion sensor detects when someone is in the room. For advanced detection, network nearby smart devices or with your PMS.

Versatile options for easy installation

Supports line voltage and low voltage applications, and wireless options. Title 24 compliant and compatible with virtually every HVAC system.

Network for more insights

When networked, INNCOM thermostats send real-time data to INNCOM EMS software to track guest comfort, energy savings, system connections and alarms.

A room gateway for integrations

Designed to make your guestrooms more upgradable by supporting room automation and other IoT integrations, such as lighting, drapes, and amenities.

An EMS thermostat for every application

Honeywell INNCOM EMS thermostats come in a range of styles and features, making it easy to find the right fit for your property today – and step up to greater capabilities at any time.


The e-Series Thermostats give you the EMS and IoT capabilities with a backlit LCD and flexible installation options, including built-in relays (e528), a wireless design (e529), or a compact size (e527). 


The e7 EMS Thermostat and its wireless counterpart, the e7w thermostat, greet guests with sleek, modern looks and a welcoming interface. Can also serve as a guestroom IoT hub or as part of a networked EMS.


The Modeva Thermostat provide the energy savings and integration hoteliers need, with a sleek glass-finish look and capacitive-touch interface that matches a line of MODEVA switches.


The Elements Thermostat is designed for British gang box applications only and is a stylish option for matching an INNCOM Thermostat with customizable switches, guestroom controls and sockets.

Step up to smart savings and comfort with INNCOM EMS Thermostats

Want to learn how an INNCOM EMS thermostat can help you reduce energy costs while delighting your guests? Speak with a Honeywell Hospitality expert to get started.