Do-It-Yourself Energy Management

Why take the long route to optimizing hotel energy use, when you can get there faster yourself: INNCOM Direct

Energy management made easy

Energy is typically a hotel’s highest operating cost. Hotels need a simple way to manage energy use for the entire property – guestrooms and common areas. And that’s what INNCOM Direct from Honeywell gives you: Straightforward energy management for your whole property.
Measurable savings made easy

Out of the box, INNCOM Direct is designed to help reduce guestroom energy use using proprietary detection logic to identify empty rooms.

Do-it-yourself installation

No system engineering experience needed - works ​with nearly any HVAC system.

Monitor, optimize and plan ahead

Monitor room status, equipment status and alarms. ​Improve both guest comfort and operational efficiency.

Reach sustainability goals faster

Get the control you need to meet key goals and ​regulations, with the data to show it.

All-In-One System: Hardware, software, and cloud monitoring

Explore the INNCOM Direct system components – which has everything you need for guestrooms and common areas.
D1 Thermostat

Serves as each room’s hub, with motion sensor and wireless connectivity. Ideal for most AHU, FCU, and PTAC HVAC systems.

INNCOM D578 Edge Router

Self-forming mesh network for fast setup and maintenance. 

INNCOM IoT Gateway

PC based server that connects sensors, IoT modules, and smart devices to the cloud for real-time monitoring and control.

INNCOM Direct Manager

Secure, cloud-based dashboard for easy remote control and mobile alerts of the HVAC system to enable greater energy savings.

Schedule a Demo

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