The Saia PCD3.M6893: the gateway to a new generation of PCD technology

  • Reliable control with cyber security

  • Object-oriented high-level language programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3

  • Can be expanded with the existing Saia PCD3 I/O system

Murten, March 2019 – With the new IEC controller, Saia Burgess Controls (SBC) is presenting he gateway to a new generation of PCD technology. The prototype unveiled at the ISH fulfils the strictest cyber security requirements and boasts object-oriented high-level language programming. As usual, the hardware remains compatible with the previous I/O and communication modules.

When developing the Saia PCD3.M6893, the focus was on cyber security and reliability. The IEC controller conforms to Cyber Secure Level 3 based on the industrial security standard ANSI ISA 62443-1-1; an update to Level 4 will take place in due course. It is therefore also suitable for use in systems that are subject to special regulations. The standardised security level makes it easier for government and supervisory authorities to carry out audits.

Standard interfaces make integration easier

The new controller has two Ethernet interfaces, CAN, two serial communication interfaces, a USB host and a large data and application memory (Micro-SD).

Encrypted and signed

The operating system including data, the application program and communication is encrypted and signed and thus protects the operator reliably against unauthorised access to data and process control. The IEC controller is programmable in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 industrial standard for application development and makes engineering easier for application programmers. Existing program parts from existing control systems which comply with IEC 61131-3 can be imported and benefit from the IEC controller’s high security standard.

Automation is becoming cloud-capable

All languages defined in the IEC standard are supported (function block, sequential functions, structured text including object-oriented programming). In addition, the PCD3.M6893 connects the automation with the cloud and its services for analysis and optimisation. Because it is compatible with the existing Saia PCD I/O system, existing systems can be securely connected to the cloud and IoT (Internet of Things) services.

Sturdy, flexible, versatile

The freely programmable Saia PCD3 range is designed for demanding automation tasks. Its sturdy cassette design as well as the integrated communication interfaces and numerous expansion options make it very versatile. Thanks to the CPU’s generous memory resources, data and statuses can be recorded, monitored, archived and controlled up to a certain point without a visualisation/SCADA system.

With the IEC controller, SBC now offers a gateway to a new generation of PCD technology. The PCD3.M6893 offers the very highest level of cyber security and object-oriented high-level language programming.