Healthy buildings support safer learning.

Welcoming students back meant evolving your approach to Health, Safety and Security to comply with new standards. But you don't have to compromise on sustainability, productivity or operational efficiency.

Some of what we've learned in schools.

What we're doing to make schools cleaner and safer.

We're ready to help your facility develop a comprehensive approach to mitigating risk to students and faculty. Education is the passport to the future. Let's create an environment where it can flourish.

Dashboards monitor a school's air health.

Our dashboards use sensors to create a graphic of each zone. Along with Wellness Index and Thermal Gradients, more informed decisions are made.

Dashboards work in all types of buildings.

Our Honeywell dashboards are compatible with buildings that have existing or new BMS, such as schools, commercial and healthcare sites and airports.

With a dashboard, you can monitor trends.

Trends are part of all parameter and wellness indices and can be compared across zones. Act on historical data from any zone or parameter.

It's easy to export critical findings.

The dashboard is able to print or export all charts and graphs to a PDF and an Excel spreadsheet. Share what you've learned with key stakeholders.

Alarms can alert you to critical issues.

The dashboard lets you assign a wellness alarm class to all parameters. Wellness related alarms can be viewed through a separate wellness console.


Our sensors detect the slightest issues with indoor air quality.

Precisely measure temperature, humidity, CO2 and the finest particulate matter. Sensors also help you manage air pressure and flow.

Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC) and UV-C raise air quality and lower costs.

With EAC's, pressure drop is much less than media filters. No clogged air flow means 5% less energy cost. UV-C provides in-duct disinfection.