There's no supply security without cybersecurity.

Increased demand has pressured operators of critical infrastructures to ensure reliability and protection from cyber attacks. But security needs to go beyond optimizing systems in the supply field.

Cybersecurity for critical infrastructures, systems and properties.

Saia PCD QronoX System is easy to program and tough to hack.

This system provides both cybersecurity and high-level language programming. Its OS, which includes all application and communication programmes, is signed and encrypted, preventing unauthorised access.

Experience a first in cybersecurity.

We have the first PLC system with hardware and software that meets all cybersecurity requirements in accordance with IEC 62443, Security Level 3.

Get your infrastructure ready for the future.

With the IEC controller, it offers the latest future-proof generation of Saia PCD controllers combined with Engineering and Commissioning software.

Have a system that speaks your language.

The PCD QronoX system includes object-oriented high-level language programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3.

Be fully compatible with PCD3 I/O systems.

Compatibility to PCD3 I/O systems provides a robust and reliable operation. Existing installations can be easily upgraded to new functions.

Control the time needed to execute tasks while getting real-time transparency.

The QNX operating system offers precise real time and high availability. Normalised programming language assures operation for many generations.

Integrate multi-protocol support into one PLC controller.

Enjoy seamless integration of up to 14 interfaces and the freedom to combine protocols such as OPC-UA, MQTT, IT protocols, Modbus and Profinet.

Have a solution that's perfect for a variety of infrastructures.

The system is particularly suitable for water supply, tunnels, district heating, district cooling and energy infrastructures.