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June 2020

With Saia PCD® QronoX, Saia Burgess Controls (SBC) is launching a new generation of cyber-secure PLC technology

  • Software and hardware protected in accordance with the latest standards
  • Object-oriented high-level language programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3
  • Compatible with Saia PCD3 I/O modules

Murten, 9. June 2020 – Saia PCD® QronoX is a new PLC system. Together with the IEC controller, it provides a new, future-proof generation of Saia PCD® controllers and is based on the software ECS (Engineering and Commissioning Suite). It is the first PLC technology system whose hardware and software meet all cyber security requirements according to ANSI ISA 62443, Security Level 3. The high-performance IEC controller also offers object-oriented high-level language programming in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 international standard and is compatible with PCD3 I/O modules. The Saia PCD® QronoX system is particularly suitable for critical applications and infrastructures in the areas of water supply, tunnel infrastructure, district heating, district cooling, energy production and energy distribution.

March 2019

The Saia PCD3.M6893: the gateway to a new generation of PCD technology

  • Reliable control with cyber security
  • Object-oriented high-level language programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3
  • Can be expanded with the existing Saia PCD3 I/O system

Murten, March 2019 – With the new IEC controller, Saia Burgess Controls (SBC) is presenting he gateway to a new generation of PCD technology. The prototype unveiled at the ISH fulfils the strictest cyber security requirements and boasts object-oriented high-level language programming. As usual, the hardware remains compatible with the previous I/O and communication modules.

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