Cityscape with freeway
Cityscape with freeway

Automation connects systems, and people, to each other.

Our controllers are modular and the software is portable across all device classes and generations, giving you the flexibility to connect more systems as your business grows. Open designs add even more flexibility.

Saia PCD® technology creates long-term, satisfying partnerships.

Welcome to SBC, your partner for automation in industry, buildings and infrastructure. Our Saia PCD® systems provide energy-efficient solutions that offer long-term compatibility and sustainability.

Boost performance of the smallest building. Or the largest enterprise.


Digitally connecting assets, people and processes transforms operations. And businesses.

Honeywell Forge combines software and services to drive data insights that improve processes, enhance productivity and support sustainability.



Drive efficiency, occupant comfort and a healthy environment throughout your enterprise.

Using a cloud-based web interface, SAMBA centrally manages a portfolio of sites in real time, tracking KPIs like Alarms, Comfort, and Energy Usage.


Deepen your knowledge of our products.

A wealth of information about SBC products and solutions is available in the form of brochures, catalogues, white papers and spec sheets.


Depend on SBC to be your automation partner for applications that make buildings healthier and smarter. We'll usher your enterprise into the next generation of monitoring and control.

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